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Due to changes being made by Google, PayPal and others, many sites are being forced to change from standard http to using https or commonly known as SSL. What is SSL? Click here to find out what it is. Google will soon show big red warnings next to the url of a site if they are not using SSL and PayPal will soon not allow anybody to use their service to sell goods or receive donations on their sites if their site is non SSL. Luckily SSL certificates have come way down in price so most people can afford to get one for their site. A lot of hosts like Hostgator, will include a free SSL certificate with their hosting plans if you choose the right hosting package. Our site is hosted with Hostgator and I highly recommend them.

One of the benefits of using SSL is that Google will list sites higher in the search results if their site uses SSL. This also means a lot of re-coding if you are using absolute url's to anywhere on your site unless the url is using https for the link. All images hosted on your site need to use relative url's to them or it will break your SSL unless you are calling up the image using https in any absolute url to the image. If you use a form or form attribute that points to a non secure destination, it will also break your SSL. For this reason, we have had to make a lot of changes to various aspects of the Jolly Rogers Gaming web site including using a differnet video player. The video player is a work in progress and testing is ongoing to see which one best suits the needs of our site. Right now JW Player and Flowplayer are being tested. Stay tuned for more updates as they occur. Fair seas and happy gaming!

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